Take our extensive line of existing products and put your name on them!

Milo’s WWG includes the branded line Brownwood Farms. Almost all of these products are available for private label or customization to your specifications.

Our products have a proven track record, and can help you achieve your sales goals with exclusive items you can add to your existing line-up, or new ones you can add to grow your existing collection.

The Private Label industry is growing strong!

The specialty food industry is booming, and private label is a big part of that. Here are some statistics from a recent State of the Industry Report from the Specialty Food Association:

  • Nearly 70% of distributors plan to add new products
  • 38% said they’d do so with PL items
  • About 1/3 of retailers report they’re seeking to develop specialty PL products
  • Brokers report sales of PL items are among their biggest recent successes

According to the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA):

  • PL sales grew in 2014 by more than double that of national brands
  • PL accounts for nearly 20% of supermarket sales.
  • PL provides consumers with a better value option than national brands
  • PL growth continues to outpace industry growth averages
  • Total PL sales were $115.3 billion

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