We Treat Everyone with Respect

  • We treat each other and our customers, vendors and stakeholders with the utmost respect in tone and action
  • Rather than making assumptions, we value individuals’ differences by showing a curiosity to learn and asking questions
  • We give, ask for, genuinely consider and show respectful appreciation for feedback and ideas from one another

We Exhibit Integrity in All Segments of Our Business

  • The core of our business is integrity, which is doing the right thing at all times, including when nobody is looking
  • As we reliably demonstrate integrity, we continually work to improve in all areas of the business
  • Through integrity we build and maintain a solid reputation and strong, healthy relationships

We Proudly and Passionately Provide Quality Products and Services

  • We reliably deliver safe and exceptional specialty foods at fair prices, while providing outstanding customer service
  • We are passionate about specialty foods
  • We continually pursue gold standard quality in all aspects of our business

We Promote a Safe, Healthy and Supportive Work Environment

  • For the sake of our consumers, clients, and staff, we mandate safety first in all our actions, through training, Standard Operating Procedures, reviews and follow-ups
  • We take all appropriate steps to ensure the health of our employees and our environment
  • We promote enjoyable and supportive surroundings that complement our productivity
  • Our environment includes thorough communication, transparency, collaboration, flexibility, kindness and fairness to all
  • We enjoy an open, trusting environment with the freedom and safety to voice differing opinions
  • We provide opportunities for both personal and professional growth

We Humbly Commit to the Success of All

  • Success of employees, customers, suppliers and community is paramount to success of our business
  • We actively embrace social responsibility in our community
  • As a team, we consider the best interest of the organization and others before focusing on our individual selves

We Are Always Accountable

  • We take personal accountability for our actions and results, with our consumers, clients, vendors and each other
  • We focus on finding solutions and achieving results
  • We personally commit to the success and well-being of teammates
  • We vigorously promote a spirit of camaraderie within the Milo’s WWG family of employees
  • We actively engage in discussions and commit to decisions that are made
  • When appropriate, we involve others in decisions and plans that affect them and genuinely consider their input