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Sure, we like to promote Milo’s WWG products for Cinco de Mayo. Hellooo. Salsa, anyone?

But did you know about the company’s Latinx roots? The “Milo” in the company name comes from owner Jonathan’s middle name. Milo is a family middle name going back several generations. Those roots trace back to Mexico, though the details are hard to gather.

Jonathan spent a couple of years as a child in Mexico, where, if photographic evidence is to be believed, he owned the running track.

The family legend goes that the original Milo was a man who left behind a bad taste. While this can’t be confirmed, we can guarantee you that the most recent generations of Milos exude sweetness. And like to share it in food form.

We recently shared our sweet street tacos, and today grab your original BBQ sauce and make some burritos!

Oh, and did you also know that the “Leal” surname is Spanish for “Loyal”?

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