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This article first appeared in The Athens Messenger

Father’s Day is long over for 2023 and for many that’s a relief. It’s a day tinged with lot of feelings that for some people are not all warm and fuzzy.

Milo’s WWG founder Jonathan Leal was blessed with a father who provided rich childhood experiences and continues to serve as a guide and life mentor. With no birth children of his own, Leal has immersed himself in having an impact on Southeast Ohio, both through his business and his role as a mentor to area youth.

Over 20 years ago, Jonathan settled in Athens and eventually started up what family and friends affectionately refer to as his “baby,” Milo’s Whole World Gourmet, which recently turned 20. While birthing and fostering that baby over those years, he has also mentored and fostered relationships with young men in the community through Southeast Ohio Youth Mentoring, formerly Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Athens.

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